About us

Nile River Dahabiyas has a crew of over 20 staff whom have a full understanding of hospitality. Our team is hand-picked and go through rigorous training to ensure all our guests are happy and experience the best we offer in all our boats.

From our captain to our cabin housekeeping crew and certainly not forgetting our amazing chef, serving organic produce sourced locally we aim to provide a ray of menus catering for different dietary requirement such as vegetarian, vegan and of course delicious dishes from the region. Offering a combination of impeccable service with an authentic tradition without compromising the culture and personalities of the local people, to give Our guest a full complete experience of upper Egypt, by ‘pushing the boat’.

Abdul Mawgood is the CEO of Nile River Dahabayas. As a has a young boy he always had a great love for the Nile and sailing boats such as Felluca’s. His passion was to work with the traditional vessels known as Dahabaya’s.

After gaining much experience in his home town of Aswan and working on boats of many types and providing clients with wonderful experiences discovering the ancient sights of Luxor & Aswan Abdul achieved his dream of owning his very own Dahabiya boat.

He began providing clients in 2005 with tours on the Nile visiting all the ancient sites between Luxor & Aswan and then extended his tours to many other sites such as Abydos and Dendera and has owned several Dahabaya’s which have included the Nile Heaven II, Egyptian Queen, Lara and Rehab. Many of Abduls’ loyal clients have spent wonderful holidays on these lovely boats and returned to them time & time again.

Today it’s safe to say Abdul is the a true son of the Nile operating with not only his vessels, The Sekhmet, The Embrace and The Lady Bastet, he is also working with other boat owners on the Nile to enable him to offer clients a wide choice of the types and sizes of Dahabaya’s to suit every client and offer than their dream holiday sailing the Nile.

Ann arrived from Australia for the first time 17 years ago on her first holiday here in Egypt not knowing what to expect, she stepped off the plane breathed in and she knew she was home. From then on she spent many holidays enjoying her second home appreciating all the sacred sites, the desert trips and her most awesome holiday here was sailing down the Nile on a dahabiya with her friends enjoying the sereneness and tranquillity of the Nile while discovering the many sacred sites, the friendly and welcoming Egyptian people and their families and the beautiful countryside.

Her last holiday was in October 2019 that’s when she made the big decision to move and live in Luxor, so she went back home to Aussie packed up her life and here she is living in Luxor. She has the best job helping others from all over the work enjoy Egypt, discovering her ancient histories and mysteries sailing on a Dahabiyas